Alice's Trail Waggin Pet Services

Alice's Trail Waggin Pet Services takes great pride in providing Southern New Brunswick outstanding pet services! Please CONTACT US (see top right corner of the page) for more info. 

Pet Services tailored to your pet's own home and environment. 

A quick rundown on the outstanding pet services we offer:

1) Overnight Pet Sitting

2) Dog Walking 

3) Kitty Care, or any small animal

4) Day & Evening Care

5) Potty Breaks

6) Dog Grooming (servicing all of Southern N.B.!)

Pet Care Services and Rates: PLEASE NOTE - 15% HST will be applied in addition to all service rates listed below. If outside our service area, services that take place on Statutory Holidays or when special requests are made, all service fees are subject to increase.

Overnight Pet Sitting (in-your-home). The service fee is $85 +tax a night and $40 +tax for half first and/or last day service. In order to reserve this service, 15% (non-refundable) of the service fee must be paid in advance. Our dog walking service is included.

*adVenture Overnight Pet Sitting. Venture is our business owner's Yellow Lab, and together, Angela and Venture offer a premium pet sitting experience. Of course, not all dogs and cats enjoy the company of other dogs, nor is every dog built for the adVentures they go on, therefore there are a few stipulations that go along with what this dynamic duo offer, but please feel free to contact us for more information. Their service fee is (at minimum) $100 +tax a night with corresponding half first and/or last day service.

Dog Walking We offer three types of walks 1) Group walks (where your dog is comfortable sharing this time with other dogs is $30 +tax per walk 2) Solo walks (where your dog is more comfortable walking by them self is $35 +tax per walk 3) Solo/Puppy walks (younger than 18 months) is $40 +tax per walk. There's a $10 +tax additional service fee per additional dog (unless the dog is younger than 12 months), per household. Each walk is 45 minutes in duration.

Dog Jogging We offer 5K - 10K dog jogs. The service fee starts at $40 +tax for the first 5K and increases depending the length of the Jog, and the times of year.

Kitty Care (any small animal). The service fee is $20 +tax per visit. Each visit is 20 minutes in duration. The rate remains the same no matter the number of cats. The service fee increases for cats that require medication, and that fee depends upon the cats temperament.

Day/Evening care (in-your-home). The service fee is $25 +tax per hour (4 hours minimum). Our dog walking service is included.

Potty Breaks The service fee is $20 +tax per visit. Each visit is 20 minutes in duration.

Reservations and payment regarding our Pet Care Services It is mandatory that one of our team meets with you and your pets, in your home, (at least once) before agreeing to care for them. This will ensure providing our service will be comfortable for everyone, especially the pets. All our services must be pre-booked in advance. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no particular time frame that you need to pre-book however the sooner you pay to reserve the service the better, otherwise the service cannot be guaranteed. If another client requires the same service and we are not pre-booked with you by payment our time cannot be guaranteed. Electronic Money Transfer is the ONLY form of acceptable payment. After meeting a member of our team but before booking by payment there is a Pet Care Contract that will need to be read and signed by both parties, as well as a Pet Care Instructions Document. If outside our service area or if services take place on Statutory Holidays, or when special requests are made, all service fees are subject to increase. Other than the service fee, we reserve the right to change these policies at any time, but only after any changes are discussed with you.

Cancellation policy for Pet Care Services We understand life happens. With the exception of the deposit for our Overnight Pet Sitting service, you many cancel a service at anytime and we will be happy to refund you your money (by Electronic Money Transfer only). We are also happy to hold your payment and apply it to any future service.

Dog Grooming services are provided IN YOUR HOME. We DO NOT have a location at which dogs come to be groomed.  Sorry we DO NOT offer cat grooming. This service is available from St. Stephen to Hampton, Saint John to Fredericton, and Moncton and its surrounding areas!

Each grooming sessions includes brush out or pre-shave (depending on your dogs coat), ear cleaning (plucking), nail trim, bubble bath, blow dry, and finishing tidy. We also provide a basic brush out/bath/blow dry combo, and (a stand alone) nail trim (grinding for an extra fee) service. We supply all the necessary equipment and complete any clean up necessary; you will only need to supply the bathtub!

Puppies through 11 months old, and for young dogs that have yet to experience grooming, who need a bath & light trimming, plus TLC to help them get comfortable with grooming, we offer a 60 minute session that includes, a bath with shampoo & blow dry, 15-minute brushing, light face trim, nail trim, scissoring feet & pad shaving, and sanitary trim. This 60 minute session also includes short breaks from having the puppy on the table, which will allow for rewarded periods of play. We're also happy to take this approach with adult dogs that are intolerant to grooming, to help condition them to become more at ease with grooming sessions. We want to make grooming a positive experience!

PLEASE Contact Us (scroll up to the top right corner of this page) directly for rates and services

*Cancellation policy for Dog Grooming A confirmation of our appointment will be sent to you at least 4 days prior to our appointment. If you cancel within 48 hours of our appointment you're required you to pay 50% of the scheduled service fee and same day cancellation requires you to pay 100% of the scheduled service fee before re-booking. Please ask to reschedule our appointment if you, or anyone in your household is sick, or has been sick within the last 48 hours. This policy becomes void due to extreme weather conditions. A grooming waiver will need to be signed and returned to us before booking.

April 2022

This year, we are participating in Fredericton's first Low Income Dog Grooming event on April 3rd, 2022.

The Fredericton Inn graciously agreed to allow the use of a conference room and outdoor courtyard in order to groom 50 dogs in 6 hours. These dogs share their lives with individuals and families, in our community, that find it difficult to pay for professional dog grooming services.  Many local businesses, professional groomers, and Veterinary teams are donating their time at this event, not mention the already ~40 volunteers ready to help in any way necessary.  Many clients of ours (Alice's Trail Waggin Pet Services) have sponsored some of the 50 dogs that are registered.

The event will give 50 less fortunate dogs, and their owners, proper grooming and financial relief. This will give individuals and families that otherwise struggle to make a decision between either having a meal, filling a prescription, or getting their dog groomed instant peace of mind. It'll give some lucky dogs a new step into Spring, and a local charity a great donation! We believe every dog deserves to feel its best. Some people can't make that happen on a regular basis but we can help!